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Calendar GCalendar G  (for Windows/MacOSX)

Remind you with Email/SMS.
Set your important events, now!
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Edit Google calendar

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Sync with phone

What Calendar G can do


Terms of trial use

Feature Trial use with Address Key
Edit Google Calendar
Reminder email
Reminder SMS (Short Message Service)
Reminder popup (in case Google Calendar is opened with a browser)
Change background color
Advertisement in the event-title and the description ----


Release Notes

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    Ver 3.6  
    --  Simplified the OAuth 2.0 login process    (How to login by OAuth2.0)
    Ver 3.2  
    --  Implement OAuth 2.0 authentication 
    Ver 3.0  
    --  Support the American-style date
    --  Export to an external file (CSV / HTML)
    --  Resizable app window
    --  Redesign the selectable background
    --  Icon is changed
    Ver 2.0  
    --  Adapt to Express Login.
    --  Encript the user file saved locally
    Ver 1.2  
    --  A bug fix that creates an unnecessary XML file to the local folder.
    --  Remove an unnecessary highlight on the calendar.
    --  Improve the movement of scrollbar.
    Ver 1.1  
    --  The first release