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Stock ItStock It  (for Windows/MacOSX)

Stock the bookmarks you want to read later.
Read them with mobile phone outdoors.

How to use Stock It. (@YouTube)

Stock It の使い方 Stock It Viewerの使い方


Stock It
(for Mac OSX/Windows)
  Stock It Viewer
(for iPhone/iPad/Android)

Terms of trial use

Feature Trial use with Address Key
Create a bookmark by drag-and-drop a favicon from browsers
Send bookmarks to the cloud data and share them with the mobile app Stock It Viewer.
Reminder email
Reminder SMS (Short Message Service)
Grouping bookmarks
Change background color
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Release Notes

  • OpenOpen or Close
    Ver 3.6  
    --  Simplified the OAuth 2.0 login process    (How to login by OAuth2.0)
    Ver 3.2  
    --  Implement OAuth 2.0 authentication
    Ver 3.0  
    --  Change the position of the folders to the right side.
    --  Add the selectable color to every folder
    --  Enable to move bookmarks between folders by drag & drop
    --  Change the manner of opening the web sites
       (before ) Single click
       (Ver 3.0) Double click
    --  Widen the scope of text search from the current folder to all folders.
    --  Change the manner of reordering folders/bookmarks
       (before ) Drag & drop with [Esc] key pressed
       (Ver 3.0) Only drag & drop
    --  Selectable background
    --  Resizable app window
    Ver 2.1  
    --  Improve the highlight of the list-page.(Coloring/Auto-slide)
    --  Fix a bug that the application freezes for about 10 seconds when a list-page is deleted.
    Ver 2.0  
    --  Adapt to Express Login.
    --  Encript the user file saved locally
    --  Fix character corruption on a condition
    --  Add a exit-button on the list window
    Ver 1.1  
    --  The first release