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SynchronicitySynchronicity  (for Windows/MacOSX)

Edit, Backup, Restore and Import
Gmail Addressbook with Images
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Backup Contacts

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Restore contacts

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Organize contacts

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Group contacts

What Synchronicity can do


Terms of trial use

Feature Trial use with Address Key
Edit Gmail address book Up to 5 addresses from the top
Add / Delete groups
Contact grouping
Search / Extract contacts
Add / Change pictures
Import a picture from browsers, Explorer and Finder by drag-and-drop
Select a picture from preset images
Launch a browser from a URL information
Launch an email-app from an email information
Launch Google Map from an address information
Backup Gmail address book with pictures
Restore Gmail address book with pictures -----
Restore Gmail address book with pictures to other accounts -----


Release Notes

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    Ver 6.5  
    --  Simplified the OAuth 2.0 login process    (How to login by OAuth2.0)
    Ver 6.2  
    --  Implement OAuth 2.0 authentication 
    Ver 6.0  
    --  Text search function
    --  Selectable background
    --  Resizable app window
    --  Preset images
    --  Image library for icons
    --  Add IM
    --  Add buttons to open Google Map at address entry
    --  Add the refresh button
    Ver 5.1  
    --  Fix a bug that occasionally lose grouping data in the restoring process.
    Ver 5.0  
    --  Adapt to Express Login.
    --  Encript the user file saved locally
    Ver 4.2  
    --  improve the movement of scrollbar.
    Ver 4.1  
    --  A bug fix that the picture whose suffix contained capital letters could not be retrieved when drag and dropped from Explorer(Windows) and Finder(MacOSX) to the picture window.
    Ver 4.0  
    --  Recommendation to upgrade to Ver4.0.
    For security reasons, Synchronicity includes the TC TrustCenter's digital certificate. It will be expired on Dec.19.2011. Synchronicity will not be able to connect with internet after the date.
    --  Move the Group-Checkboxes to the new Grouping slide-window.
    (Consecutive grouping work is facilitated.)
    --  Make it possible to drag & drop pictures from browsers, Explorer(Windows) or Finder(Mac) onto the picture window.
    --  Improve internal data processing efficiency.
    Ver 3.9  
    --  Adapt to Google's CAPTCHA authentication.
    Ver 3.8  
    --  Include the function that notices the Photo Drag's activation.
    Ver 3.7  
    --  Include the function that notices the XCross Drag's activation.
    --  Fix a phenomena that the inputs disappear in the login window when the user clicks the textfield.
    --  Some design renewals
    Ver 3.61  
    --  Add a button to each Email entry to launch the mail application
    --  Add a button to each Web entry to launch the brouser
    Ver 3.6  
    --  Make group buttons smaller
    --  Display confirming window on clicking the end button.
    --  Fix a freezing phenomena during restoring when the backup files contain contacts which doesn't have full name.
    --  Skip the contacts without full name during the backup / restore process.
    --  Display comments when skipping happens during the backup / restore process.
    --  Place a button above right which eliminates unnecessary cash files
    (This eliminating process had been embedded but worked during the ending process)
    Ver 3.5  
    --  Install [All contacts] and [My Contacts] groups in accordance with Gmail specs.
    --  Display the number of lists in each group button.
    --  Add the [Notes] entry to each contact.
    --  Add the group icons to each contact.
    --  Eliminate image deterioration in the loading/uploading process of Synchronicity.
    Note:The uploaded picture is re-converted to jpeg format in Gmail so a certain level of deterioration is inevitable.
    Ver 3.3  
      Fix a bug that caused pictures to load improperly in the restoring process.
    Ver 3.2  
    --  Reduce startup time
    Startup time is the same immediately after updating to Ver3.2 but after that, it will be shorter.
    --  Fix a bug that caused the program to stop when attempting to load a large number of contacts.
    --  Streamline the memory use.
    Ver 3.1  
    --  Add "Company" and "Job Title" to the contact porperty.
    Ver 3.0  
    --  Occasionally, the input text reverts to the former one just after clicking the [save] button. It is caused by the delay of Gmail's return value. When a contact data is sent to Gmail, it returns a correct new value but by requesting the same contact data just after this action, the former data is retrieved.
    This strange phenomena seems to had been fixed by Google on March 2, 2011. According to Google's comment, this bug fix was for retrieving lost emails. The above-described delay is not mentiond but judging from the results, we think that the problem was also fixed at the same time.
    We found this phenomena in mid-Feb. 2011 but it may have been occuring before then. Synchronicity Ver3 is equipped with a re-requesting function that requests contact data again in case of obtaining the former data.
    --  Eliminate unnecessary transactions and consolidated them at start-up, which is especially beneficial when managing many pictures.
    --  Install multi-line input.
    --  Emphasise the highlights on group buttons and lists.
    --  Add the button which leads the window directly to the grouping pane.
    Ver 2.6  
    --  Make it possible to use Google Apps .and to use an original domain such as
    --  Add a function to restore backup files made by another account.
    e.g. -->
    --  Add a combo box to choose an account to login with.
    --  Add a group renaming function [Shift] + Click (group button).
    --  Add a re-ordering function for group buttons by pressing [Esc] + dragging a group button.
    --  Improve data communication robustness.
    Ver 2.0
    --  Add a backup / restore function.
    --  Add a sorting function for the contact list.
    --  Place the family name before the given name when using the Japanese and Chinese editions.
    --  Add text fields for initials.
    --  Add scroll bars to the group and contact list.
    Ver 1.0
    --  The first release